Business Development


We offer a full range of market research and business development services for companies that are either doing business in Asia, or are considering entering this vast and promising market. 
We will assist you with mapping out your market and help you identify your competitive advantage. We will help you explore opportunities available in Taiwan and Greater China, identify leads and find the best ways to approach them. 
We will utilize our local networks and contacts to expedite your business development process by reaching decision makers and key personnel of your potential customers, facilitating introductions, opening doors and setting up meetings.


Our extensive knowledge of the local market, along with years of experience and a multi disciplinary team of professionals will all come together in planning your strategy as well as in implementing it. 
We will help you choose the best strategy at any given situation, based on our acquaintance with the market, the competition, the regulatory environment, and taking into account financial, legal, HR and tax considerations and provide ongoing support through-out the project.


Identifying and selecting the right strategic partner in a new region is crucial to your success. For this reason we invest our time in locating and identifying the right partners for you and in building enduring relationships based on trust and mutual value add for long term results. 
We will also evaluate the market and industry potential for your business in order to better estimate your results, and to provide you with all the necessary tools to evaluate your next steps. This will enable you to make a skillful decision as to what should be your next steps and whether you should continue approaching that particular market or working with this particular partner.


Local corporations and other investors are always on the look for new technologies and attractive investments opportunities. 
We play an active role in the search and match process between you and the local strategic partner and investors. Our support continues throughout the introduction process to the final stages of negotiations and closure of the deal. We consider our role, in such process, as a long term commitment to both sides, and therefore put a high emphasis on creating true value to both parties. We are well experienced in leading the entire fund-raising process from its initial stages of identifying the right investors to its final stages of negotiations and closure. 


Depending on your needs of local manufacturing or raw material, we identify your right partner for sourcing.

After a careful selection process and deep compatibility assessment, we launch the negotiations process, on your behalf, to reach your special needs. 

With our teams on the ground, we assure your requests in quality control, timely deliver and prices, are met according to your best interests.

We do that by providing frequent quality information from the ground and by providing necessary alerts to allow fast adaptation to changing conditions.


Handling all the operational and administrative issues related to the setting up of your local presence is far easier when done here. We will assist you with the registration of a legal entity (company, partnership, branch, etc.) as well as with establishing a physical presence – locating office space, dealing with local vendors and service providers and registering with the necessary authorities.


Whether its business development activities, sourcing, quality control and regional logistics, we assist you in getting the job done. Serving as the on-the-ground point of contact, we can oversee local sales team, assure sales plan is executed, meet goals & quotas, while providing quality feedback on a regular basis.

Without any delays or communication difficulties, we handle your local partners, events, office, visits and logistics requirements related to your business activities. Our support in local language and during operating hours makes you more accessible to your partners, and vice-versa.

This quality and frequent flow of information allows you to adapt, and react, faster to the changing market requirements.